Saturday, 31 October 2009

a day in Manhattan

I have been in NY for the past three months now. I enjoyed taking photographs on my friends Nickon D80. Until one day during fashion week, I was sat on a really tall seat, in Bryant park, with the camera on my lap. I needed the loo. A lady told me where there was a bathroom. I stood up pretty quick and excited. The camera and it's not so cheap lense went crashing to the ground. I cried. Because it wasn't my camera and I couldn't believe I had been so careless with it, after months of being so careful.
These are a selection of the last few photos I took...before it was all over.

The two girls second from last picture, are sisters from Brazil. They have their own fashion label, and were showing at fashion week in the tents. I saw them crossing the street to go to Cafe Habana while I was stood outside waiting to be seated to get some real good corn on the cob...

The guy in the Phoenix shirt was reading news papers he found in the bin. The guy in the orange shirt had just put his news paper in the bin. I do love me some recycling.
The world should share more.

The sisters ( i have to find the card they gave me to check out their line) were telling me they love fashion but hate spending money on clothes. Girls after my own heart. I love shopping picking stuff up, and one by one putting it all back down, because frankly I dont need it. Now I only buy something if I love it. If its really special.

My new rule since being here, is jewellery and lingerie. You cant have too much, and it cant be too expensive. My favourite gifts from me to me.

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