Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I sat in this window, looking out onto the road..and took these photographs. I can remember the apartment, and the size of the window. The little chair with the broken seat part, next to the window. The canvas's ready to be worked on. I remebered the bus to Boston outside. Because I remember noticeing the line of people and wondering where they would be going. But still I couldn't place where the apartment was. I drove by there yesturday, trying to work out which window it was...by the size of them..none of the windows I looked up at looked anywhere near as big as the one I remembered gazing out of, lost in my own thoughts.

I saw the bus to boston again, this time there were no people waiting to get on. This time I saw this view of the street from street level, and I knew I was somewhere close to where that window was.

I looked at an apartment the other week, and the two guys who lived in there (artits), were moving out into a smaller living/working space. I was telling them about this apartment, with the big window, and trying to describe where it was- they knew the woman who owned the building. They said she was a jewish woman, really clever, and that just last week she gave all of the tenants notice to move out. And that now they are all gone. I said I was there..in June.

I loved that apartment.

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