Sunday, 11 October 2009

the last time I was in Brook Lyn...

This is in my sister's apt. She cooked pasta and put olives, with stones in it. We got high, and somehow the olive pips kept ending up back in the pasta. So we kept eating them, they looked just like these other things she had put in there.

Both times I visited Coney Island over the summer, there was freak weather conditions. This day It rained so hard, even my underwear was wet.

The garden is in Brighton Beach, BK, right by where this Millionaire guy built an ugly huge Palace looking house. Brighton will always have the biggest place in my heart.

My friend told me this crazy old woman lives there. Her garden was filled with what looked like things that used to belong in her house, or somebodies house. Things that had been broken or rejected so she re housed them on the front lawn. It was nice. She had broken glass that she had made into a mosaic in the mud. And the mirror said "all we need is love." It was right around the time I did my love trees series of paintings. New love grows on trees. (see my very early posts).

I often think I will be a mad old lady. perhaps alone. I can see myself having a garden like this. It was very thought out, and kinda crazy at the same time. But she had placed everything in it's own little spot. She had hearts and love seats down the side of the garden. To her, i know it was beautiful.

Thankyou for Brighton Beach, and showing me the old lady's garden

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