Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Housing Works Thrift Stores

are great...
How did I not discover these Thrift stores before. I accidently stumbled upon the spring fever events, whilst browsing online for furniture in New York.

I got some treats. Two Marc Jacobs coats. One Pink Barney's Trench (only $50) and much furniture. In fact too much furniture.

I also popped into the Crosby street store... just to have a second look. and thank god I did. as the store was having a major blow out sale. In preparation for there Spring Fever event. All clothes were $1. I spent $33. I dragged my bin liner full of stuff all the way home. I am now the proud owner of many a second hand blazer. it's a good job I did not get to the store at opening time. Word on the street was that one women got 99 items.

Who said New York was not cheap.

I adore Thrift Shopping. It brings me so much more pleasure than buying brand new things. It is more than just the price. I have no qualms at wearing somebody else's old duds. A habbit which horrifies my mother.

Spring Santa


I have started to paint on everything with acrylic paint. I love it when things you would not deem beautiful are made into art.

I do not love big huge American 4X4's Jeeps, whatever they are. But the tree makes this car special.

I walked passed a mini skip the other day, that had been wallpaperered. Beautiful. Who did that?