Saturday, 20 February 2010


Walked down by the water, in williamsburg, Brooklyn. The park was just about to shut. But the guy let us in. Stodd looking at the water. This bench made us giggle, with its extra bit on the side.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Photos from New York

It's great when you wake up, and you actually remember a dream. Dreams are so often forgotten. Never realised.

Don't honk

would it be New York without honking?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


can ever be kept secret

Real Fur & Elvis Presley

I was headed to Ave A Flea market. But it doesn't exist no more. So I wandered around, popping into various 99c stores, something about them draws me in. Then I stumbled on this beauty of a store. Urban Jungle. It really is what dreams are made of. Or atleast my kinda dreams. Fur and old stuff. Not only was the changing room, I changed in full of these Elvis snaps, but they had rails upon rails of fur coats. Prices varied. I finally decided upon a beast of a coat. Real fur. For $30 dollar. Made me real happy, and most likely look real insane whilst wearing it. It malted on my red heart bag, as If I have a dog. But you really cant put a price on happiness.


I am addicted to..

Take one boiled egg
some spinach leaves
Black pepper
a few pinches of salt
a big tomatoe
Olive oil

TOSS IT. You get my new addiction. I have eaten (some variation of) this salad every day for a week straight. I added some tuna yesturday just to mix it up a little.. but in the future - I'm going to stick with the more is less option. Scrap the tuna


watching the snow fall down. eating Strawberry Pop tarts dipped in milk. The milk makes it.
it's too cold to go out and play..

Black Snow

It's too cold to play out

Sunday, 14 February 2010