Wednesday, 4 November 2009


This is Laura my little sister. Whenever I say little sister people presume I mean a child. She's twenty three now. I've known her all her life, which makes me happy.

Whenever I tell people about Laura, I tell them how I know you cant choose your family, however you can chose who your friends are. Laura's way more than a little sister she's my best friend too. I know that I am blessed to have her as a sister and a friend. The first time I went to New York, was with Laura. She was seventeen and I was nineteen.

I said to a little girl the other day, who was playing with her little sister. (Ages six and four). "Are you two best friends?"
The six year old laughed and said "No silly we're sisters".

I admire, love and respect my little sister so much. In many ways, she's the youngest of three girls, with 2 years age difference both sides. She is actually the oldest. And I can bet that our big sister would agree.

The photo is Laura in reception aged five. It's so funny because the one she had done the year before she tucked in her neck. So my mom called her Laura no neck.And told her the next time she had to stick her neck out. She looks so beautiful, and smart and confident. Just how she was.

Links to Laura's blogs and web site:
http:// law_b/

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