Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The standard

I like this photo. It was on one of the rolls of film I got developed that had been pileing up. One of my favourite things about shooting film is that it is always a huge surprise when you get the pictures back. Especially since I let mine pile up until there are about 19 rolls. I actually have a collection, some of which must be atleast ten years old, I have been finding in various drawers in my bedroom. One thing you will learn about me I am a hoarder. A collector, a complete bag lady. My art teacher, Mrs Hibbard would tell "us never throw anything away, collect it. store it keep it. You never know when you mite need it for something!" Boy did I live by that. Much to my mothers horror.
I still have all of my old school books...from juniour schoo. i actually recently parted with the maths books..and kept just the drawings and creative writing stuff. I have two suitcases (I picked up with my sister at a thrift store in Orange County circa 2004)- underneath my bed. One houses journals. The other photographs. I have written a journal since I remember. And taken photographs since I remember also. I'm one of the few people who has a record of us in school from year seven to eleven.

So a bunch of the film I got developed came out really yellow. I couldn't tell if it was the film or the way it was processed. it actually looks kinda cool. Like Lomo coloursplashish.

As soon as I get home, and I have some pennies to spare. I'm hitting up a photo lab with my bag of ten year old 35mm films. To see what treats/ horrors I have in store. I'm sure there are ex boyfriends and perhaps other things I may never want to see again. but hey it's all part of the beauty of film.

I hate the instantness of digital, and how the second after you take a person's photo they say "can I see it". I upset people often with my little Nickon when they realise they cant.

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