Saturday, 2 April 2011


and circles

Separated by ten years. and 18 days.

1984 to 1994. Age ten. I love you Luke. Sweet sixteen, New York.

so here goes. No words. Just look


I am usually a very private person. I share my thoughts, dreams and photographs. selectivley. A year has nearly passed. I have a lot I did not blog yet. Because there are not enough hours to do all i want to do.

But time can slow down. Time does wait, once you get focussed. A minute becomes an hour... I would like to share the stories, the minutes, and the hours behind my paintings. I want you to see how I see.

"walk a day in my shoes" The world through rose tinted glasses..

I see Dollars continued

I said Good bye 10 hello 11.

goodbye 10 hello 11.

and so the naughty little black dress, had her time.

Patricia Filed dollar dress

It was on sale the last time I was in NEw York, staying on The Bowery. I had no intentions of ever wearing it, like many of the things I buy. But I had every intention of owning it.

I knew that the
"see through, black, stripper dress with the sequined dollar signs had to be mine."

"Do you ever see something, and think to yourself, that this "is for me". That very thing I am looking at, was put there for me. There is one left and it is meant to be mine."

I think that and I sometimes feel the same with people.

I know instinctively if a person is for me or not.

Now this does not mean, I dont go against the grain, and go for the ones I know my gut says steeer clear of..

Either way, thats another blog post. Perhaps another in appropriate dress for now. It is New Year's eve 2011. And this dress was due a very small debut. The View. pulliono's Pizzeria. So busy i still havent eaten there.

unspoilt snow

No wee
no pollution
No foot prints

Just fallen

To tread where snow has fallen
and is falling
Covering traces of foot steps once been

Locked out on the roof...
In the cold
Shut out
its beautiful
i wont care if you dont let me back in.
I am happy

i like it out here in the dark


I was away for Laura's birthday. Her birthday present is still at home with her christmas present.

1984. we were about to enter my twenty seventh year..

I have spent only my twenty second and twenty third Birthday in England, since my twenty first..

I am a Spring baby, I decided this year is the year it will change. Its good bye new York coming of age, Hello England.

A year went by fast, it doesnt seem like yesturday I wrote back on Macon. I didnt blog for almost a year.

What is personal, Tradgedy, I topic i wish to explore further.. :)

My cat got a new home

we took the cat for a walk down Broadway lafyette.

Is that Beatrice?
and the keys were placed down on the counter, the elevator was full. My belongings in box's and bags. And the cat was coming with us.

that photograph just reminded me.

"do not put the Gucci on the floor".Alla

New Ice City

Snow Storm.2010

and it snowed and it snowed and the snow came down.
I decided to book a trip to Old York City. Perhaps it was my goodbye. To the City Once New.

The cold months continued

Seclusion on ice

Winter has gone Spring is here...

The cold months.Looking forward.

Love is Brown. Snow. Berkshires Dec 2010. The lead up to christmas.