Friday, 14 May 2010

Right Love. By a wise man..

Right Love/Wrong Marriage
By Arhata Osho

May 5, 2010
Marriage and love are like a mirage in the desert for all but a few. Men and women don’t know how to love even though they are quick to defend it as not true. Doesn’t take a genius to observe that, if one is insightful. Many say they are married to their best friend but in fact they have no other competitors. People who part, rarely stay as anything resembling ‘best friends’.

The mirage of love or marriage is fueled by ‘biological and emotional’ infatuations which disappear into a memory to be replaced by a co-dependent partnership that has some foggy semblance of love when biology clicks in. Society’s strong, but weakening, voice of ‘marriage for life’ is rapidly becoming extinct. Longevity has nothing to do with a happy marriage, but likely illustrates 2 people who are too dependent on a way of life that is too painful to change. Avoidance of pain is a major reason for marriages staying together.

Love is not an institution, nor should marriage be nothing but. The old ‘love and marriage is like a horse and carriage’ where most horses are donkey’s, and who uses a cart anymore? Learning to love over time begins with the self first and not a ‘fixer upper’ marriage based on manipulation, domination and control. Love and real marriage is not an illusion but to those who begin taking it for granted with limited communication to draw closer to each other. People are a mystery that, when given healthy, deep getting to know more about each other, is as close to a ‘nirvana’ as one can get.

Deepening love eliminates any mirage leaving an imprint of love that follows one throughout life regardless of whether two remain together. Love takes but a moment and those moments multiply to fill one with a depth of self love that is forever enduring in a state of bliss. The one we love translates into a love for everyone especially those who are able to deeply love. Unconscious love and marriage is but a ‘mirage’. Conscious love and marriage is a supernatural state always growing.

If you want to read more of his words. You can find him at his blog:
I first came across Arhata on the Venice Boardwalk, I was 21.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

New York Dog's

Purple, New York

Pink. New York

Death of the art wall...

Children have the best imaginations. It took us a night to paint.

The entire apt has now been painted white

Sometimes there are cool things on the floor...

Crossing the street, coming back from my favourite used Furniture store.(Bob's shop)I looked down and saw this cracked tile. It said wish. I made a wish and picked it up and put it in my coat pocket. It lives in my mom's kitchen now. and when I see it, I'm reminding of walking round New York.

ballons and balls, New York

Current Obssession

Aplliques. Sailors. Tatoo. Old school. Thrift stores. Garment District. Gold buttons. Quarters

After my spreee, in the Crosby street, Housing works. On $1 Blazers.... I am very excited to customize them. Buttons have been removed... and I bought a bunch of patches in the Garment district.. Let the playing commence!

Become Your dream

I love the hidden little messages you see on the street.

What other people write

Lower east side, Manhattan

Sister Act

It's that time of year again

When the sky is blue, blue. The grass is green, green. And all I want to do is be outside. In a little secret garden somewhere.

Found Words

I found this on the floor at the 34th St, Hearald Square, Subway station. I could see a piece of crumpled white paper, with writing on it. My curiosity got the better of me, I had to know what the paper said. I was glad I picked it up.

We met Ola Lola

Sitting on her throne in Lower East Side.

Meet Laura

I think sister's are so important. I have two.I love them both so much. I'm grateful that I wasn't an only child. I love sisters.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back on Macon

My family so kindly came to visit me in New York, over Spring break.

April 8th, was my brothers 16th birthday and later in the month my 26th. (I was told it's my golden Birhtday, as I turn 26 on the 26th.)

My parents do not travel often, my mom was never a huge sun fan, preferring to holiday in England! English summers as a kid were great. A little bit of Lands End. Cornish Pasties. Buckets and spades. Weymouth, Devon, Breen. If there is a beach in England, we have holiday'd there. All packed into the car. I did love those childhood holiday's. We have many a hilarious photo of me, with a whinge face on as some entertainer tries to encourage me to sing, dance or do some other kind of thing other children were more than happy to do.

So my mom booked a ten day jaunt to New York. After I talked them into it, instead of Egypt. Two weeks later they are still here. She said she loved New York, whilst it was a holiday, but now she is a prisoner. As a result of the volcano in Iceland. Ash Victims, is what the news is calling all the vacationers... stuck on their holidays. I'm some sort of perma vacationist, so I see no problem. But I can see where my mother's distress is coming from. She has vowed to never leave England again.Or at least Europe. It's looking like they may be here to celebrate my Birthday also.

We have now moved into our second Holiday apartment. Luckily for us there was a room going in the Macon Street apt, we had stayed in last summer. it is my dream home. It is seriously beautiful.

The saga goes on. They are re-booked on flights on the 21st... if those flights go ahead.. is still unknown. English airports are still closed.

Until then Hello Brooklyn.

My sister called this her bonus holiday. My mother remarked, it's not a bonus when it's costing you. Never the less, we still all have our health. My brother is missing his senior prom. But I reminded him he is making part of history. Not only did he turn sweet 16 in the Big apple. But he is living a part of a huge news event affecting people across the globe. He does not care, he wants to be there for his prom.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Housing Works Thrift Stores

are great...
How did I not discover these Thrift stores before. I accidently stumbled upon the spring fever events, whilst browsing online for furniture in New York.

I got some treats. Two Marc Jacobs coats. One Pink Barney's Trench (only $50) and much furniture. In fact too much furniture.

I also popped into the Crosby street store... just to have a second look. and thank god I did. as the store was having a major blow out sale. In preparation for there Spring Fever event. All clothes were $1. I spent $33. I dragged my bin liner full of stuff all the way home. I am now the proud owner of many a second hand blazer. it's a good job I did not get to the store at opening time. Word on the street was that one women got 99 items.

Who said New York was not cheap.

I adore Thrift Shopping. It brings me so much more pleasure than buying brand new things. It is more than just the price. I have no qualms at wearing somebody else's old duds. A habbit which horrifies my mother.

Spring Santa


I have started to paint on everything with acrylic paint. I love it when things you would not deem beautiful are made into art.

I do not love big huge American 4X4's Jeeps, whatever they are. But the tree makes this car special.

I walked passed a mini skip the other day, that had been wallpaperered. Beautiful. Who did that?

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Walked down by the water, in williamsburg, Brooklyn. The park was just about to shut. But the guy let us in. Stodd looking at the water. This bench made us giggle, with its extra bit on the side.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Photos from New York

It's great when you wake up, and you actually remember a dream. Dreams are so often forgotten. Never realised.

Don't honk

would it be New York without honking?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


can ever be kept secret

Real Fur & Elvis Presley

I was headed to Ave A Flea market. But it doesn't exist no more. So I wandered around, popping into various 99c stores, something about them draws me in. Then I stumbled on this beauty of a store. Urban Jungle. It really is what dreams are made of. Or atleast my kinda dreams. Fur and old stuff. Not only was the changing room, I changed in full of these Elvis snaps, but they had rails upon rails of fur coats. Prices varied. I finally decided upon a beast of a coat. Real fur. For $30 dollar. Made me real happy, and most likely look real insane whilst wearing it. It malted on my red heart bag, as If I have a dog. But you really cant put a price on happiness.


I am addicted to..

Take one boiled egg
some spinach leaves
Black pepper
a few pinches of salt
a big tomatoe
Olive oil

TOSS IT. You get my new addiction. I have eaten (some variation of) this salad every day for a week straight. I added some tuna yesturday just to mix it up a little.. but in the future - I'm going to stick with the more is less option. Scrap the tuna


watching the snow fall down. eating Strawberry Pop tarts dipped in milk. The milk makes it.
it's too cold to go out and play..

Black Snow

It's too cold to play out