Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I look forward to winter walks..

in the Lickey Hills with Laura. The Lickies have always been one of my favourite spots growing up in Birmingham. It takes me back to childhood...days out climbing the hills and walking through the woods. It was the ultimate adventure land. Then on the way home we would stop at the penny arcade. I would save up all my coppers. I was a whiz at the two pence machines. I'd always say last go last go....then a bunch of coins would come crashing down. But I always learnt to quit when I was ahead. I never left empty handed. Las Vegas with the quarter machines was never quite the same. Cant beat the Penny Arcade.

So yes I am looking forward to getting back home to England after three months in New York. Catching up with the family. Hitting up the Lickies Christmas day...

Here are some of Lauras photographs...from our last day out there.

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