Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back on Macon

My family so kindly came to visit me in New York, over Spring break.

April 8th, was my brothers 16th birthday and later in the month my 26th. (I was told it's my golden Birhtday, as I turn 26 on the 26th.)

My parents do not travel often, my mom was never a huge sun fan, preferring to holiday in England! English summers as a kid were great. A little bit of Lands End. Cornish Pasties. Buckets and spades. Weymouth, Devon, Breen. If there is a beach in England, we have holiday'd there. All packed into the car. I did love those childhood holiday's. We have many a hilarious photo of me, with a whinge face on as some entertainer tries to encourage me to sing, dance or do some other kind of thing other children were more than happy to do.

So my mom booked a ten day jaunt to New York. After I talked them into it, instead of Egypt. Two weeks later they are still here. She said she loved New York, whilst it was a holiday, but now she is a prisoner. As a result of the volcano in Iceland. Ash Victims, is what the news is calling all the vacationers... stuck on their holidays. I'm some sort of perma vacationist, so I see no problem. But I can see where my mother's distress is coming from. She has vowed to never leave England again.Or at least Europe. It's looking like they may be here to celebrate my Birthday also.

We have now moved into our second Holiday apartment. Luckily for us there was a room going in the Macon Street apt, we had stayed in last summer. it is my dream home. It is seriously beautiful.

The saga goes on. They are re-booked on flights on the 21st... if those flights go ahead.. is still unknown. English airports are still closed.

Until then Hello Brooklyn.

My sister called this her bonus holiday. My mother remarked, it's not a bonus when it's costing you. Never the less, we still all have our health. My brother is missing his senior prom. But I reminded him he is making part of history. Not only did he turn sweet 16 in the Big apple. But he is living a part of a huge news event affecting people across the globe. He does not care, he wants to be there for his prom.

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