Thursday, 21 January 2010

To throw or not to Throw?

I am a bag lady, if ever I saw one.

We had new neighbours move in next door, a young couple, they came round to have a nose at our loft extension. The girl looked in my bedroom on the way up, and gasped. "My God it's like an Aladins Cave."

and that it is. But there is a difference between treasures and hoarding. I do border on the obsessive hoarding side. I do not like to throw anything away. My art teacher at school, used to drill into us to collect everything. Magazines, sweet papers, anything you think you mite need. One day. One day mite be ten years from now, but you never know. If there is a ribbon, on a box of chocolates at christmas my mom will say. "Sarah do you want this?" Of course, I always do. I am a proud collector of junk. The other thing I do- is buy things, I have no idea what it's use will be. Such as a hammock I once bought with my younger sister.

When it does get too much and I am forced to throw things away, I have been known to exit my room with many bin liners full of stuff. But to enter the room again, you wouldn't think it.

Today is one of such days. I barley shop any more. I learnt that there isn't really anything I want. shops, and magazines just try to trick people into thinking they want things. Now I play the game of picking things up, and one by one putting them down. I am a believer that you should only buy things that you love. Truly love. If you think it is ok, don't bother. You must love it. Did it speak to you? No? Put it back, and walk away.

I am an ex shopping addict. 2010 is still all about thrifting. On a recent trip to the high street, my mom laughed at me as she caught me twisting my neck to look at the charity shops as we walked past. They are the only shops that speak to me. One woman's junk is another woman's treasure. Often it is still junk. But occasionally you can find a beauty. My new favourite is Cure Thrift shop 111 E 12th Street New York.

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