Thursday, 2 July 2009

Family First

My younger brother said a funny thing to me today, he was looking through a giant photograph album I had put together for our mom, and he said i'm angry at mom. He was born when my older sister was twelve, I was ten and my youngest sister was eight. He said it wasn't fair he didn't get to grow up with us. He was a 90's baby and we were 80's girls. I guess we were lucky no matter which way you looked there was always somebody to play with. I love having sisters. At the same time I love having a younger brother I wouldn't change him for anything in the world. But he is right, we grew up at a different time to him. when we were growing up a happy meal was a treat, when he was growing up a Happy Meal was expected. He said he was going to tell my mom about his anger. The best thing about the age gap is that he keeps the house young. I still enjoy going to the cinema with him and sneaking into films, after our film has finished and spending the day there eating popcorn and sweets.

He never got to play with us at the back of this garden...that garden was so long the back was a definate jungle. We'd dig holes and cover is with bits of broken it'd snap when someone stood on it. On the top of that we would put mud and grass to disguise it, and hope someone would fall down. Hours and hours of fun.

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