Thursday, 9 July 2009

Last April- Union Square

I went to New York for my 24th birthday. To meet my younger sister who had been studying in Toronto for the year..
We arranged to meet up at union square was not succesful. I was in one park, and across the street is another smaller Union square Park. She was in that one. We both thought we were right,and were both annoyed having had to wait for the other. She thinks I always leave her waiting...she's kinda right. So this time I made sure to be early. Ended up taking a bunch of photos while I waited.

Later on we went to Central park. I was wearing my favourite long dress from H&M it drags on the floor and collects the dirt. BY the end of the day my feet were black.

Thsi year in New York, an exact year later, I saw the same man, that I saw that day. I named him the eskimo man, he was sort of dressed like one it was a boiling hot day. He was dressed the same a year later. it's funny how you get to see familiar characters in new York, i have noticed that this time round especially. I guess everyone has their ahunting grounds..

This guy in the photo is not the eskimo man incase you were wondering...

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