Sunday, 28 June 2009

What does a twelve year old girl know of LOVE?

I recently found my old poem book, a country companions rough note i loved writing in that thing. The illustrations are as funny as some of the poems. Until i got to a page near the back and found this poem about love.


Love is like a burning fire, burning through your heart
Love is a bed of roses, blossoming in your life
Love is a world of heart’s, each heart shows he loves you more
Love is a world of lip’s, each pair of lips is a kiss
And then your loved one goes away for good
You feel your world has ended
The fire has been put out
A rose has been picked and the whole rose bed will die
Someone has died and a heart stops beating.

I wrote the Love poem aged 12 in my best writing with my best fountain pen, probably got ink stains all up my left hand writing it!

And some of the illustrations.....

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