Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The President will be here in five minutes

I was sat in a little park by west fourth street, reading my book. American Eve. I saw this guy with an amazing lense on his Nikon D80 camera I couldn't resist but to ask him if i could have a look through it. He was from Germany, travelling alone, said his girlfriend couldnt afford the trip or get the time off work. So we spoke cameras and lenses and New York.

Then he said "did you know the president is supposed to be here today?" I said "here here, West Fourth Street?" He said "i guess". I didn't know.

Then a bunch of school children came running down the street follewed by teachers. Holding signs with Obama and yes we can. They all crowded round the street, waiting. So me and the camera guy decided to cross the street to get some shots and wave hi as Barak drove past.

I keep finding myself in the right place at the right time, and for the past two days decided to travel light without the heavy Nikon D80 I'd been carrying around. When something like this happens you always get that oh man if only I'd had my camera. But then sometimes it's so nice to just be there.

There was this one guy that I can only describe as very English. The most Englishman I have ever seen. I'm English but this guy was movie English. He had grey hair, looked super cool, was wearing a suit. And was pretty annoyed when he was told he had to stay put and couldnt cross the street. The police officer said you have to stay there the presidinet is coming in 5 minutes. In the most propper English accent I ever heard, he said The President? He cared way more about crossing the street. After about ten minutes (the president was late yes...) people only a few of them, were really complaining about wanting to get on there way and didnt like the fact the presdient was stopping them cross the street. This same police officer says in to the crowd, suddenly everyone wantt to get to work.

Then somebody spotted a little old lady with one of those pushing trollies who had some how managed to escape the barriers...and this officer shouted get that woman on the side walk. I was having fun. The kids were having fun.

And in no time...cares and bikes and cars and more bikes, all ever so important looking all came cruising down the street. I was on somebodies shoulders. I was waving and clapping with everyone, and the cars kept coming. I guess so no one knows which car he is actually in.

So that was my a.m.

Later that same day i had another oh i dont have my camera moment, and only actually noticed because i saw so many people taking photos in this persons face. I was walking with a friend straight into Sex and the City's Miranda Hobbs. It kinda happend in slow motion but fast. She was reall small and pretty nothing like the way she looks on the tv. Then a little further down the streeet we saw Samantha. I love that woman. At 50something she looked like a teenager.

I'd just had the best fish adn avocado and tomato pasta for lunch.

The President?

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